Barbra Brady

This Morning's Tea

In This Morning's Tea on July 3, 2008 at 2:21 pm

Darjeeling Tea Garden

I am a Camellia sinensisphile. My morning tea ritual was begat in Seattle, of all coffee-centric places, when my friend artist Ellen Ziegler offered her home during my visit, and not a bean was to be found in the cupboard. She offered a choice of teas, I sipped, and in six months time, my own cupboards were bare of beans.

Each morning I open my cupboard to select the morning’s tea variety. My affair with CSI (camellia sinensis infusions) has blossomed to the extent I now have designated an entire shelf to tins of tea.

I’d love to share adorations of morning tea with others. This morning, my beverage of choice is one of Murchie’s, CBC Radio Blend, a green & black blend, “A ‘ShowTime’ (I don’t have the foggest about that program) blend of choice Ceylon & China black teas, fragrant Jasmines, touched with lemon.”

I take it with local fresh whole milk and honey. 

this cup looks a bit like an Ed Rusche?

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