Barbra Brady

A French Blend and an English Lawn

In This Evening's Movie, This Morning's Tea on July 4, 2008 at 3:25 pm

marks This Morning’s Tea, which is my current favorite, that I am taking while watching Wimbledon. Tennis begins my morning mostly because my brother, Clyde, and a certain gentleman friend are both avid players and watchers. (The day a man begins to watch a swim match or cycling tour to mark my morning…hmmm).

The tea, the tea. Taken with a splash of Straus Family whole milk and orange blossom honey from Oakland. In following the curatorial thread, and my tendency to climb into a sandbox and play with words as I sit down to write, I will quote‘s description of its French Blend Tea as a blurb about my review of This Evening’s Movie of last night (My Blueberry Nights). A stretch of the imagination, and French Blend Tea becomes Kar Wai Wong‘s aesthetic:

The Assam component gives the tea richness – like a brocade at Versailles whereas the Nilgiri and Ceylon gives the tea a saucy but sprightly flavor. From Kenya, there is romance and mystery with superb golden color notes, and from China there is the delicate perfume of Jasmine, so often used in Parisian perfumes. To cement the ?French‘ character, lavender from Provence was added along with some rose petals, a tea fit for the Latin Quarter along the Seine.


My Blueberry Nights, at time mark 48.18 is like a brocade.

  1. Your entries are encouraging me to relax and enjoy some tea! Thanks…I am leisurely anticipating waiting your next blog.

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