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In It's Not About the Asana on August 19, 2008 at 10:38 pm

My friend Rona, another yoga teacher, sent me an email about this blog…

a 29 Day Giving Challenge, to give something (a gift, a big tip, a smile) away everyday…who can stop at 29 days! Stories of how giving is the path to receiving…things such as health…the Rx of giving… 

as fate would have it (and fate usually does have it), I had unwittingly and spontaneously decided to give away one of my favorite lamps last night to my friend, Beth. And in less than 24 hours, I received the email about joining this community and beginning the giveaways…

I had started before I knew it. This again, is yoga.

  1. …I have been giving for many years! Perhaps it’s part of teaching…

  2. I had an even more amazing Give yesterday.
    I was talking on the phone to my Blog Tech Goddess, Elaine Lucia, who also happens to be a beautiful jazz vocalist. I’ve never met Elaine in person, but her speaking voice is so lyrical and bright, and her technical assistance so cheerful, I just had to let her know.
    As my Give, I sent her an email telling her that, and that Yoshi’s in San Francisco, the fabulous, five star jazz club I went to for just the first time last week should book her. I was half jesting, not that I didn’t think Elaine is of that caliber, but I do know Yoshi’s books folks like Kenny Burrell, who I saw on August 16.

    Well, Elaine emailed me back and said she had just been booked there “yesterday,” which was the day I had sent her that visionary email!


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