Barbra Brady

Fierce Grace

In This Evening's Movie on August 23, 2008 at 5:52 pm

Ram Dass: Fierce Grace. Almost redundant, that title…

Wow. And Wow again. (Saying Wow everyday is one of Erich Schiffmann’s homework assignments to his students.) Quotes I slipped into my journal when I first viewed this a couple of years ago were exactly the ones that caught my attention again. (One big difference, I now know one of the people being interviewed!)

What do you think about:

“My suffering brings me closer to God,” RD quoting Neem Karoli Baba

And. Listen:

To this recording.

Ram Dass' new groove mix recording with Kriece

Ram Dass



Amazing. I’m going to use a track on my playlist in my first “Open Mat Night” yoga class at Yoga Community, inspired by Erich Schiffman’s Free Form classes. Or, to riff on Mark Whitwell while I’m riffing, “Do Your Yoga.”

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