Barbra Brady

24 minutes a half inning

In This Evening's Movie on October 12, 2008 at 1:40 pm

October. The last of the grapes are being picked in the vineyards. Last season’s barrels are being bottled. And post season play is under way.

Last night’s movie–for it was epic–was the Red Sox (grape stomping in Gold Toes?) and the Rays (a giving it up for Tampa, Fla. being my home state). It was a tennis match of a baseball game. Back. And forth. And a nearly hour-long inning. Which would make two 24 half innings seem short at 48. But film’s 24 frames a second, and the persistence of visual memory came to mind…

It’s October after all, when my palate delights in pomegranates, and my movie time is devoted to baseball.

Baseball, pomegranates, and Schwinn. 

Fall. The favorite season.

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