Barbra Brady

The Real Thing: Chai and Epic or, What's been occupying my time and mind.

In This Evening's Movie, This Morning's Tea on November 6, 2008 at 6:39 pm

BB’s blog has been forsaken of late. But we, my Fellow Americans (a phrase I, the hippy-cum-liberal can finally proudly state and claim), have not been forsaken.

I’ve even been hearing refrains of “I’m Proud to Be an American.” My anti-establishment self-identity can finally feel it. Thank us all for being a part.

But. Where I have been. I’ve been to Helena and back. That’s an old joke.

And a new, amazing job. 

You may now cross-reference my blogs at The Feathered Pipe

Where I am the new, and only second ever Executive Director, following the extraordinary and beloved founder India Supera. 

Recently I was visiting Board member and long-time Feathered Pipe friend Jane Wieland and her son, Sam, where I enjoyed morning chai prepared by our Tibetan friend, Sangmo. Boiled stove-side, this was the real thing (sez me, former consumer of The Real Thing Coca-cola, which I now know is a favored beverage of my Tibetan friends).

There. My Morning Tea while beginning my life’s newest chapter, leading one of yoga’s first retreat center’s in the U.S. (yeah, USA!) in one of my favorite places on earth, Montana. And last Tuesday evening, election night in the USA, an Evening Movie of epic proportion. 

DeMille’s parting of the Red Sea un-dazzles in comparison.

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