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In Cycling, This Morning's Tea, Yoga on November 10, 2008 at 8:26 pm

Many of This Morning’s Tea posts are composed as I sip said beverage while scanning the headlines of Missoula’s daily online, The Missoulian. This morning’s tea was one of my favorites, Murchie’s CBC, with low fat milk and agave nectar. This morning’s lead story featured one of my favorite catch phrases, “avid cyclist.” My eye, taken, then settled in on the reality:

Ride on, Len’ – Family, friends take ride to remember avid cyclist, advocate


I know of only one Len in Missoula. And he, an avid cyclist. Remember? That can only mean one thing. Read it, I did. Len, my cycling-at-a-certain-age guru, my inspiration to skate ski one more lap around the Meadow Loop at Pattee Canyon, one of my never pushy bike vendors. Now Len, a source of inspiration in grace.

I, the customer, never knew he was ill. Given the many times I wandered into Open Road over the years, I can imagine he may have felt less well than he let on at least once. But as I know–because of yoga–, and Len and his many honoring friends know because of the zen of cycling, or enjoying the ride, or the call of a kick-and-glide, it is the joy we open ourselves to while here, with others, doing what we love in the moment that adds up to a life so beautifully lived, the beauty of the friendship remains.

And Len, I missed out on skiing last season while in Sonoma, but I’ll be in Montana this winter. And I’ll smile to you when I first snap into my Atomics.

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