Barbra Brady

Where IS this morning's tea?

In This Morning's Tea, Today's Practice on December 31, 2008 at 12:06 pm



Where is my chair?

Where is my chair?

This post is equally befitting This Morning’s Tea and Today’s Yoga Practice.

While packing for the grand trans-continental divide move two weeks ago, I chose to pack my teapot. To rough it until the movers arrive with the pot, my favorite cup, a chair to curl up in.

I know this is Montana, but roughing it is getting really old. I want my teapot!

I want my Murchie’s! I want a chair to sit upon, dammit!!

  1. Are you serious? Nothing from the moving van??????

  2. Yes, They forgot about me.
    Had I not inquired…my stuff would be languishing forever…
    and according to federal regulations (big industry lobbyists working for you), my shipment doesn’t meet the minimum weight requirements necessary for compensation for delayed delivery, no matter how much in error the company is.
    I have to PAY for this abomination.

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