Barbra Brady

On the Origins of Wheel of Fortune

In This Evening's Movie on May 11, 2009 at 6:34 pm

My own fortune trying my every nerve (including a literal one), I resort to one of my sure-fire remedies:

Jean Luc Godard.

How I’ve never seen Pierrot le Fou before, I cannot imagine. (This after four months of daily bouts of my imagination being tried.) Tonight’s the night, as they, or at least Rod Stewart, says.

Godard is extraordinary. In case you didn’t know.

Me? I’m pleased to find I’ve retained my capacity to be wowed by sights, sounds, gestures, scents, oddities, and other sundries that blip right by some. Many.

To wit:

(And to answer the question, Where did they come up with the concept for Wheel. Of. Fortune?)

One only has to view the first few seconds of This Evening’s Movie to connect the dots. That is, the opening credits.

Rent it, watch, go on! You don’t have to buy a vowel, they appear at the onset. 

First word I filled in the blanks to see…none other than one of my–no other word will do–dreamboats.

Jean Paul Belmondo. Ah, and there below…Anna Karina…pretty doggone dreamy a vision herself.

And there, Godard’s name pieces together…

Who woulda thunk it? One of cinema’s most postmodern wonders inspiring one of America’s most pedestrian of diversions.

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