Barbra Brady

Pets tracking mud in the house

In Cats on June 10, 2009 at 7:26 am

My cat, Jai, does love to go outdoors. It is June in Helena, Montana, which means…muddy snowy out there. No wonder I’ve been having to sweep the floors daily, that cat is tracking in grime.

But wait. There is a large doormat in the entryway. And he loves to have his paws wiped. I’ve just begun to greet him at the door, and wipe his feet, paw by paw. He loves it. Must be like a foot massage.

As for my other cat, Fanny, who rarely goes outdoors, she keeps her toes ever clean by way of her method of drinking water. (Dipping her paw in the water bowl, then licking).

I’m gonna wash that grime right off of my cat.

  1. You’ll have Jai wiping his own feet on that mat soon. No doubt he’ll let loose with a squeaky *meep* as he does.

    • You’ve got me thinking, maybe if I put catnip on the doormat. Or avocado, he has taken a liking to it.

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