Barbra Brady

Matcha tea

In This Morning's Tea on August 3, 2009 at 5:57 pm

matcha tea

I was gifted this wonderful concoction…have yet to indulge.

But. My birthday is nigh.

Time to open my arms to those things that make me smile from the tips of my toes!

Matcha green tea..!

  1. I’m helping the folks at Matcha Source Green Tea ( introduce their products to bloggers. I really enjoyed your post, which is why I contacted you. If you send us an email at or, we can consider sending some complimentary products. A blog post about us would really be much appreciated. Thanks again for all your help


  2. Oh, yes, Lewis, I will oblige. Matcha tea is far too sublime to allow it remain unknown to more people. It is nectar. And I will blog oh so soon as I whip some up, and…savor.

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