Barbra Brady

Pug Faces

In Playtime on August 12, 2009 at 8:00 am

Last Saturday, I was looking for some comic relief. A smile, pretty please even a grin, were very much in order.

I found myself wondering around, in what I expected to be an aimlessness. Okay, a shop at the farmers’ market added a little aim. En route, in the park, I noticed someone with a pug. The breed does stand out in a crowd. Then, there appeared Pug #2. And three. And more…and more…

I aim-fully scampered (yes, scampered, and yes, to scamper is to incite grinning) home for my digital camera. I’m just discovering the Joys of Video, and have not entered the editing room yet, but just had to start posting. How could I resist when Helena’s Women’s Park became Pug Park for a day?

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