Barbra Brady

The cat in the window

In Cats on August 30, 2009 at 7:14 pm

I met the cat in the photo on my banner five years ago in Paris. Having just spent a week in the south of France for my first teacher training with Rod Stryker (there have been, and will be more), and then another cycling through Burgundy (there have been and will be more tours, and wine tastings), I found myself in Paris for three days, where I stayed with my American friend Joe, and his Parisian wife, Babette.

Their flat was very near the Pere Lachaise cemetery, which was one of my favorite haunts (that just typed out, I did not intend the pun, but, well). The gray kitty with the lively eyes would appear each day at Babette’s kitchen window, and I happened to grab this sweet snap of her…I love the panorama effect here…
And love the memories of five years ago this very day, when I began my studies with Rod. And. I will be attending another five day teacher training with him in one week! The training is “Prana,” and will take place in Dallas. I’m ecstatic!

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