Barbra Brady

The cat (and human) infirmary

In Cats, Today's Practice on September 30, 2009 at 8:30 am

I’m infirm. The surgery on my broken clavicle not quite two weeks ago, I’m still in an arm sling and have restricted movement. Doing well, but not exactly up to par. Or typing. Or preparing my own, and my cats’ meals without consideration.

So, what does life present, but another challenge. Jai, my giant, sweet, and at times, aggressive, tabby cat.

Case in painful point: Following a cat fight–don’t know with whom or when– he developed an abscess on his tail and I had to get him to the vet yesterday (thank you, Joanne, for helping me get the 17-pounder there) for a procedure: shaving around the base of his tail, lancing, and insertion of drain tubes. And the requisite wearing of an E-collar.

Jai with E-collar

Jai with E-collar

Poor kitty. I brought him home yesterday evening, whereupon Fanny, my other cat, and at this point the only member of this three-individual household who is not infirm (save for her neurosis) saw and smelled this odd monster I brought home and went into full-fledged Chicken Little mode.

Jai needs meds and hot compresses on his very sore tail twice a day, plus some navigation management. (Getting around the house with the vexing E-collar is adding a component of beside-himselfness that doesn’t exactly add to the calm we all need right now.) I’m still recovering and caring for myself…

I take comfort where I can, which right now includes the comic effect of one woman and two cats, two of them recovering from invasive surgical procedures and in need, the third falling from the occasion into the depths of her neurosis.

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