Barbra Brady

Things I loved in my youth that make me smile today

In Things I Have Loved on August 19, 2010 at 2:03 pm

Proustian memories…I did not eat Madeleines growing up, so that’s not what haunts me…but a facebook friend just posted a rendition of Todd Rundgren in his current phase….and my mind and happiness jumped to a time….long, long ago, to a wizard, a true star in teen-aged heart…I was a total Todd Head. My vanity plate was “TODD R” for a few years…

I tracked down this little memory, from another memory (“Oh, yeah, I liked The Midnight Special). I actually remember staying up late to watch this as it first played….

I LOVED Todd….

  1. Nice, classic video….Such a pang of intense love and nostalgia seeing that…

    Did I ever tell you about the time Greg Whitlow and I wore butterfly wings on our eyes and glitter to downtown Ocean Springs pub one night, inspired by Todd. It was received rather better than anticipated… But I think that was the night the muffler fell off my mom’s giant green plymouth station wagon on the bumpy “old highway” home, after all those cocktails. Yikes… lol…

    It’s been a long time between Hello, It’s me’s…..

    Yep, this is your friend, Debbie Webb (I go by DJ, now.)

    Forever indebted to you, Sally & Bob. And that’s a whole long story.

    You seem to be doing really wonderful. I’m glad to know you’re healthy and have a spiritual practice. And still look great! Get in touch if you’d like sometime.

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