Barbra Brady

A Poem by Richard Miller

In Today's Practice on October 18, 2010 at 10:44 am

The past two weeks have found me in confusion. I.e., I have been experiencing one of the human conditions. As a yoga practitioner, I know this is temporary, it is “avidya,” or a veil over our truth.

It is with great gratitude I know Richard Miller, and that he lives close by in Marin County, where he guides the amazing, helpful, healing Integrative Restoration Institute.

Just when I needed it most (determined to find my way back into “vidya,” or right knowledge), I found this poem this morning in the Institute’s newsletter. As with all references to “God” in yoga, and the vedas, the notion is much as it is in 12-step programs, God in its meaning to you.

I offer you, with pranams, Richard Miller.

God is never unkind

by Richard Miller

God is never unkind but is always being an embrace of perfect love. You and I are each the heir of this inheritance.

When the mind doesn’t father ideas of right and wrong, all that is present is a sweet song

rising out of this heart that is also yours.

Here, we discover our very being that never changes, from where suffering and joy well up to the surface.

When we forget this simple embrace we are overwhelmed by such a mirage of complexity.

But when we drop our need for changing… love blossoms; and we live here, where there is no advantage for ‘you’ or ‘I’. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose, no strategy, no demands, no role, no agenda, only spacious Being. One loving heart beating as the many.

Thinking is the defense that keeps us separate. Living as “I don’t know”, what brings us back home. Oh, what wonder, astonishment, and delight.

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