Barbra Brady

Pranic Footprint: Taking Responsibility for the Energy You Generate

In It's Not About the Asana on January 31, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Part II

In the Tantric tradition of yoga, we understand that energy follows thought. Thought matters. That that you think, you unleash. It matters what kind of energy you send out into the world. A projection of energy can happen with a mere thought.

Step mindfully. Just as it is harmful to leave behind a carbon footprint, and we can typically lessen that load in the course of our day-to-day world, the quality of prana you leave behind can be harmful. Negative energy set forth by ill thoughts, unkind words, and wrong action has its imprint. Sticks, stones, and words can hurt.

Recall a time you stepped into a room and immediately felt unwelcome, sensed a certain repulsive force. One unseen, but surely felt. That’s negative pranic energy left behind by a negative thought, word, or action, likely unwittingly by the generating party. Think: Bad Vibes. Getting the icky idea?

Conversely, we can choose to leave a positive pranic footprint. You know how you feel better just being in the presence of some people? Even in passing on the sidewalk? We sense a calm, an open space, a feeling that all is well. A kind glance, word, smile–can work magic on those around you. People you don’t even know, or see. This energy also lingers, its footprint beautiful. It is of a quality that leaves the world a better place.

So, think, speak, and do mindfully, dear readers. The energy you save will fill your, and perhaps the world’s reserves of happiness.

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