Barbra Brady

Sigur Ros’ Heima: Amazing Grace

In Art, This Evening's Movie on March 18, 2011 at 3:19 am

It is hard, if not impossible to imagine any single moment as spellbinding–as awe-filled, as most any moment in the film Heima (Home), featuring Iceland’s remarkable (ambient, sincere, gifted, community-minded, sweet, handsome) musicians known as Sigur Ros.

The film, like their music, is peerless. Not a frame nor note forsaken. I find myself sitting here, all alone, watching the film (again)…my head tilts in wonder. At the Icelandic landscape. At the gorgeous ambient tones. Color. Set design in improbable places. The guileless offering of the band members’ roaming their homeland with free public concerts. The communities’ happy attendance.

Here, every picture tells a story. Each and every frame (24 per second, natch) worthy of a framed still.

Jonsi, et. al, I fall in love every time I hear your music. Each time I watch, I live with, this film.

Amazing grace.

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