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Don't write with your mouth full,

In Writings on July 2, 2008 at 11:28 pm

or you may find ants crawling out of your keyboard. Fallen crumbs between H and J compounded by ants finding a new SIM City ‘neath my iBook’s keyboard. My Mac mechanic, Jim Witous, would approve only by way of making him laugh. Then again, instant first blog topic. And I imagined it would be about yoga. Or cycling. Or my avatar, Veloyogi. Or swimming. Or the pugnacious hummingbirds out the window, whose nectar (homemade by me of course) I had assumed to be the ant magnet. 

key-by-key, the crumbs are now cleared. 7/8/08

My tech always told me. Don’t type with your mouth full.