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Barbra \" width=Hi, I’m Barbra Brady, curator of various and sundry topics of interest, provocation, relaxation, and yoga. Today a ParaYoga Level II Certified Teacher (my teacher is Rod Stryker). This evening I may be a cyclist who comes home to invent a crazy good, crazy easy dinner. Tomorrow I might volunteer for the animal shelter or co-organize a grassroots bike rally in Sonoma, CA. Wrapping this and more into content, I am a writer. With my blog I return to my role as curator, because the curious matters in this world are often way too related to float around without the, ahem, contextual provision of a Curator of Curiosities.

Barbra lives life in Sonoma, CA, where she is in private practice as a yoga teacher.

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  1. Hi Barbra,

    I found my way here from the ‘moving into stillness’ forum. Your site is great and I really love the way you write. It absolutely sang to me this morning and I’m grateful for that. Thank you.

    Namaste, kate.

  2. Thanks, Kate! Writing has been kind of making me sing lately! Namaste, indeed.
    Babs (when we’re talking Moving Into Stillness)

  3. Congratulations Babs!!!
    I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging award – looking forward to a decidedly yogi twist to the answers. 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll pay it forward… as we love to do in yoga!

      • Knew you would 🙂
        Maybe you could suggest mantras to go with the questions or answers? That’d be fun and educational.

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